WSUS Offline Update

This article explains how to use the WSUS Offline Update utility. We will also assume that you have a machine currently running a version of Microsoft Windows. The WSUS Offline Update utility is a handy tools that allow you to download all Microsoft Related Products updates on one box in order to run/deploy on multiple computers without the need of an internet connection. This tool can be run from a USB stick or even from a network share.

The first thing we need to do is to download the utility from or from the download section below. Once you have downloaded the tool, we will decompress the zip file by right clicking the downloaded utility and pressing “Extract All …”.

Now that we have extracted the utility, navigate inside the extracted folder to /wsusoffline and execute UpdateGenerator.exe.

Now we can start selecting all the version of Windows we want the tool to support. In this article, we will download all available updates and service packs for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. Therefore, we will select x64 Global (multilingual updates) under Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 (w61 / w61-x64). Once selected, press Start to initiate the downloads.

Once the downloads are completed, an Info box will appear to notify you of the completion.

Now that the tool is updated, navigate inside the /wsusoffline directory to /wsusoffline/client and execute UpdateInstaller.exe.

A few installation options are available before starting the installation of the available updates. You may choose what you need in your particular situation. Once you are ready to install the update press Start.

You may need to rerun the utility multiple times after the computer reboots. Because some updates will require the computer to reboot to complete the installation. Once the tool is done installing all the updates, you will see Any missing update was either black listed or not found. Nothing to do! in the Command Prompt window.