How to Optimize Windows Power Options

You might be asking why should I optimize the power options in Windows. Well for one, if you have overclocked your computer/server, you might encounter an issue where the task manager only shows you the full clock speed when the CPU is highly used by the system. In this case, doing so will make sure that the CPU is always running at full speed. Second, all the latest generations of Intel and AMD CPUs and APUs have technologies built into them to optimize power consumption. Such as AMD PowerNow! and Intel SpeedStep. Both technologies are used to throttle down the CPU in order to lower power consumption. These features may cause some latency on the CPU because it takes a few milliseconds for these technologies to increase voltage on CPU.

Open the Control Panel and select System Security.

Now press on Power Options and next to the currently enabled power plan, press on Change plan settings.

Press on Change advanced power settings.

Locate Minimum processor state under Processor power management and change the value to 100%.